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Helping people to help themselves and then help others

In 2011, Michelle met a nutritionist at Kisumu airport and this resulted in an opportunity to train local farmers to be soya seed producers.

Together with our Kenyan director we have established a core group of 10 farmers and in 2013 began our 2-year plan to become Government registered soya seed producers.This involves growing 5 types of seed, documenting the development and finding ways to enhance the production before we can be registered.In the meantime, the farmers are also growing crops such as watermelon, butternut squash and grafted mango trees to make a living.We are currently raising funds to provide a water pump and piping to enable water to be sourced from rivers and wells during dry seasons. We can also hire the system out to farmers who do not have their own.As part of this project we have trained workers who can teach their communities about healthy living and nutritious foods, including organic farming and the use of natural foods in place of pharmaceutical drugs.Where there are older widows, or people who have land but are unable to farm it, we use their land and in return give them some of the produce for food. Our goal is to enable whole communities to become self-sufficient and eradicate poverty. We are already seeing this become a reality in one area.

Farming Project